Hidden Strengths Book - Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

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Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have
by Thuy Sindell & Milo Sindell

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If "...talents, knowledge and skills combine to create your strengths", then Hidden Strengths is the potential within everyone to transform knowledge and skill(s) into learned strengths. There's huge opportunity between the top 20% and bottom 10% of your skills. Therein lies the greatest opportunity for becoming a better leader. Do you know what your middle skills and hidden strengths are?

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Where are your Hidden Strengths?


Natural Strengths

These are the abilities you default to because they come easily.


Hidden Strengths

Your greatest source for professional development.



These are the things that you are simply not good at and will likely never be good at - even if you tried every day for the rest of your life.

The Foundation For Continual Growth

  • There are 28 skills that we identify as being key factors to effective leadership. We have worked with thousands of leaders, and using these 28 skills to assess their aptitudes, we have uncovered that the skills to fall into 3 buckets: top 20%, bottom 10%, and middle 70%.

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How it Works

The Modern Leader

Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow requires that you are agile and able to evolve. Focusing your effort on your weaknesses takes a disproportionate amount of time with little result. On the other hand, depending on what worked well in the past creates a liability called stagnation.

Leadership is Evolution

For the vast majority of us, the skills that we are hired for in a given role will not be the skills we will need to progress. So how do we remain agile and ensure continued professional development? By developing the rich pool of Hidden Strengths in the middle seventy percent of our skill spectrum.

Making it Happen

Anybody can develop their Hidden Strengths. First, it requires identifying which of your skills fall in the middle seventy percent range. Second identify which of your Hidden Strengths you want to focus on depending on your professional goals. Third, with practice and focus you can begin to develop those Hidden Strengths into Learned Strengths.

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Solutions for Companies

Ensuring your company and your people meet the challenges of today and tomorrow requires agility and the ability to evolve. Help your employees unleash their hidden strengths, identify, and develop the right skills to drive increased performance in your company. Learn more about our scalable assessment and coaching solutions or complete the contact form below.

Thuy Sindell, Ph.D.

Thuy Sindell is a Founder and Managing Partner at Skyline Group International. At Skyline, Thuy leads the Coaching Division and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams to build strategies and skills toward getting different and better results from themselves individually and collectively as a team.

Milo Sindell, MS

Milo Sindell is a Managing Partner at Skyline Group International and President of C4X (subsidiary of Skyline Group Intl.). At Skyline he is focused on market positioning, product development, and working with companies to maximize performance through their employees.

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